New Rates as of January 1, 20013

Computer Tutoring and Repair Onsite: $100/hr In Store: $88/hr
We can help with all kinds of computers. We know Macintosh computers from OS 9 through the most recent releases of OS X. We can help with Windows XP through Windows 8.

Networks $100/Hr
We can setup small networks and large networks. We do ethernet wiring, fiber networks and wireless.

Web Design $100/Hr
We specialize in dynamic content, database driven sites and e-commerce solutions and search engine optimization.

Web Hosting
We offer high speed Red Hat Linux Apache servers with Lasso, PHP and E-Commerce Packages.
Web Hosting$9.99/Month$89.99/Year
Web Hosting w/Database$14.99/Month$149.99/Year
Web Hosting w/ Ecommerce$49.99/Month$499.99/Year
Domain Hosting$5/Month$50/Year

Priority Calls $140/hr
Priority Service is any service that is performed before 9 AM or after 5 PM or on Weekends.

* One hour minimum for all on site visits and Priority Service.
* Time is billed in fifteen minute increments.
* Domain registration and hosting included in any hosting package.

Contract Pricing
  Price After Hours
Priority Service
Beyond Contract Hours Priority Beyond Contract
Standard Rates $100/Hr $150 N/A N/A
10 Hr/Month $650/Month $88 $75 $125
20 Hr/Month $1200/Month $88 $75 $125
60 Hr/6 Months $750/Month $100 $88 $140
120 Hr/6 Months $1400/Month $100 $88 $140

Travel fees may apply - contact us for more information
Contract Required for email, phone and chat support

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